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Sliding Door Wardrobes
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Sliding Door Wardrobes

by Jignesh Gediya

Here at Blue Ocean Interiors, we have shown a massive increase in the sales of sliding door wardrobes, why is this? It could be due to the fact that today's new build houses are getting increasingly smaller and therefore the occupants are trying to build in as much extra storage space as possible, or it could be due to the fact that there are so many different sizes, colours and styles available that it just seems to be the sensible option.

A lot of homes these days have limited bedroom space, trying to get as many bedrooms into a smaller space as possible seems to be the norm now for house builders, and therefore there isn't always space for a hinged door wardrobe to open out into the room. The bi-fold wardrobe used to provide the solution by having a smaller door to open out but the new sliding door wardrobes don't need any space at all because they slide... simple!

So sliding door wardrobes are not only space saving but they are also money saving... Blue Ocean Interiors have huge ranges of German Made Wardrobes with a little imagination these wardrobes can have the feel of a built-in wardrobe for half the price, Give us a call and we will help you through the process.

These wardrobes are generally available in a multitude of different designs and colours, you can have black glass, white glass, brown glass, purple glass, green glass, mirrors...the list is endless.

So why is it then that the sliding door wardrobe is so popular, is it the sheer volume of choice or the space saving design or the value for money?

What do you think?


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