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Planning and measuring of the room.
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Planning and measuring of the room.

by Bold Commerce Collaborator

The importance of measuring the interior space before you pick a piece of furniture to move inside. This goes double for wardrobes. When you’re deciding on a design style for these bedroom pieces, it’s essential to get a measure of the room beforehand: both in the literal sense and also in terms of how the space feels.

The best way to get an accurate reading is to conduct a full measurement of the room once, note down all your figures, and then perform a follow-up measurement for safety. Mark out the width and height of the doorway as well as the room, as this will help you gauge whether ready-made furniture can fit through the entranceway or if you’ll need to switch to flat-pack models (more on wardrobe designs a little later).

It’s also worth properly eyeing up the shape of the interior and room development plans before you proceed with any kind of purchase. Is there enough height available for a tall model when you’ve got sloping ceilings?

If you’ve got a tighter space to work with, will the doors and drawers of your grand wardrobe open smoothly without crashing into surrounding furniture? Ask yourself the right questions and take every inch of the interior into account before you dive into wardrobe shopping, will a sliding door wardrobe be perfect or a bi-fold door wardrobe. Getting a great wardrobe for your money also involves putting on your smart Alec hat and wearing it well. Just because a room is big doesn’t automatically mean a massive wardrobe is a perfect choice.

Consider a spacious child’s room for instance. Why would your kids need a sliding door wardrobe when a smaller model could comfortably store their tiny collection of clothes? With wardrobes, biggest isn’t necessarily the best. It’s about getting the right model for the right room and the right price for the right purpose. You know we’re right. Right?

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